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Meet The Pro    


Raj Jackson is PGA Golf Professional, USPTA Tennis Professional and USPTA Pickleball Professional from Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Raj has known as the "King of the Swing".  He is the first person in the world be a PGA Golf Professional and USPTA Tennis Professional. and USPTA Pickleball Professional.  Raj has taught thousands on cruise ships, country clubs, conventions, corporate events, all-inclusive resorts, and the PGA Tour.  

As a tennis instructor and golf instructor, he was able to make a breakthrough teaching system that allows someone to learn the game in one lesson.  Raj calls the "The Super Lesson", it.s 10 years worth of information into one lesson.  The only lesson you will ever need, all the information you will ever need.  All you have to do is practice. 

If you are interested you can buy one of Raj's Masterclass Lessons.



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